Confusing we know. A potted History

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We are very aware that as we have started to record our game play, we just kind of carried on our campaign which gives you no particular point of reference.

To rectify that a little, here’s a potted history – although you can take a “beginning” (for there are many) from the time that Sven, Jezeric, Darwin and Orwin enter the continent of Gullmir from the Feywild. This happens in the next episode, but please listen to the last episode (EPS3) at least to get a feel for the most stand-off-ish Dwarf in the world, the explosive wizard and a Halfling with a habit of staying well, well out of the way.

A potted history…

So this campaign started out with our adventurers being given the task of finding a relic. The ‘Cup of Bahla’ in fact, used historically in the worship of his worship-fullness, Bahumet.

Worryingly the cup had been taken by a High Priest of Bahumet from back in the day who is now a nasty worm-scoffing Lich. This is the undead ‘Brother Kalini’ who has been using the cup to do very bad things in the Feywild.

By the time Sven and Co have tracked the cup and the Lich to the Feywild the cup has been cursed and used to turn a Greater Fey into a death-dealing raven creature (the ‘Nattravnen’) who causes death and sickness wherever he goes. The dead are rising and eating the living. It’s a mess. It’s awful.

The brave adventurers soldiered on helping villagers, rescuing children (well, one anyway), meeting strange and awesome Fey creatures, always tracking the cup or the Nattravnen or both.

Finally they found the location of the Nattravnen tower which lay across a sea of ice and hidden by a veil of impenetrable darkness (mentioned in EPS #1). Daunting no? Not for these folks! They chartered an ice ship called the ‘Vonta’ powered by residuum and a tough captain called Orwin and sank it. Jezeric can be blamed for this although he would refute the assumption. There was a vicious sea creature involved but who’s counting?

So by the time we get to episode 1 ‘Beyond The Black Veil’ we are all caught up with the survivors; Jezeric, Sven, Darwin and now Orwin who has lost his ship, his livelihood and by the end of this odyssey, probably his will to live.

The heroes head on toward the Nattravnen tower…

Any questions?

SMPOD EPS #2 On The Hunt

In this episode Darwin and Jezzeric are spirited away by the Company of Huntsmen on a quest to put two rogue Dark Elladrin to the sword. Will they succeed or just mess things up?

Some bad language, a bit of Haribo (other sweets are available) rustling and foolish banter along side what might be considered an entertaining adventure in 4th Edition D&D.

Jezzeric, Darwin and er...

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SMPOD EPS #1 Beyond The Back Veil

Welcome to our first podcast. This is a couple of games into our campaign so it may not make a whole load of sense. Even less to you then for us :) It’s still cracking though so take a listen and learn all about Darwin, Jezzeric and Sven!

The first couple of podcasts will be for the purposes of testing our audio gear. Apologies for some swearing and popcorn sound FX.

In this episode Jezzeric, Sven, Darwin and Orrin the NPC have traversed the black veil to the island of the Nattravnen. Witness anger, laughter, tears and the mighty Taliscock!

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