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TDOSS. Arcaziana World Map One. The West

Stephan Strongblade has mentioned a few places in his journal and it’s time to give you an idea of the geography of Western Arcaziana. So here you are. Hope you like it. Anyone who’s interested in how I created this map in Photoshop, please comment below. If there are enough comments to make it worthwhile, I’ll do a video tutorial and pop it on YouTube. It took about an hour to create, but bear in mind that I already had it sketched out on paper.

Any Dungeon Masters out there, please feel free to use it as your fantasy setting. It would be great to think that there were adventures going on in Arcaziana from your table top.

Click on the image to see the big version in your browser.

Western Arcaziana
Western Arcaziana

SMPOD Thunderspire EPS#2 Don’t Smash The Roof!

The fight with those nasty dwarves and some flying critters continues and we find a quick way out?

Stinky Monster T Shirts are available to buy and have been designed by Fool of a Took. Orcs will never look at you in the same way ever again.

TDOSS 6. Talk with an Orc

Zinthata  17th Morgron – Year of the Stonehammer

Monsters Slain (2) Dungeons Looted (0) Gold Earned (2) Treasure Looted (0) Lord Cleaver (Helpful for once)

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s Orcs. Call it a pet hate if you will, but washing the stink of Orc off your clothes is a nasty job. Imagine rolling around in fox poo and burying yourself for three days in a cabbage patch and that’s not far off the mark as far as the smell goes. I don’t mind fighting them too much, more than three in a scrap is a problem, but the two that gave me grief last night were just scrawny little scouts. Lord Cleaver gave the alert, yelling something along the lines of ‘Oi! Wake up fatty! You’re on!’. Next thing I know Lord Cleaver appears in my hand (how does he do that?) , and one nasty green head is already lopped off at the shoulders. I was still yawning and blinking the sleep out of my eyes when I took the swing. The second swine was rummaging about in my backpack looking pretty wary. He tried to dance off into the shadows when I caught his eye but I hefted Lord Cleaver and lobbed him in a wide arc that took the Orc’s leg off at the knee. No more running for him, ha ha!

Before I brained him properly, the little puke told me that he was in the Grey Toad clan. Never heard of them and apart from a couple of gold pieces and a naff short sword with more rust than iron on the blade he didn’t have much on him. I did manage to get a nugget of good out of him though. He saw the cart I’m tracking the day before yesterday and had even been part of a raiding party that tried to rob it. ‘Tried’ being the word here because apparently, and you can’t really trust an Orc, when they got close the fella driving the cart did some sort of foul magicks that sent them all running scared. A black cloud of screaming badness or something like it. Translating Orc is pretty hard and I don’t like talking to them, all spit and snarls and their breath? Whooo! Anyway it seems that the cart, driver, donkey and ‘Gazoo the Magnificently Dead’ are heading towards a ruined tower that used to be called ‘Bal-Gulga’ or somethin like it’. Probably one of the old outposts set up by the first men a long, long time ago.

I’m on my way to an old tower on the trail of a dead wizard and what looks like a pretty powerful live one. This has a whiff of Necromancy about it and if there’s one thing I hate more than Orcs, it bone-fiddling, graveyard lurkin’ bastards. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em. Hate ‘em.

Stephan Strongblade

TDOSS 5. Into the Wild Country

Sheem  16th Morgron – Year of the Stonehammer

Monsters Slain (0) Dungeons Looted (0) Gold Earned (0) Treasure Looted (0) Lord Cleaver (Orc Watcher)

So where are we?

I’ve been tracking this damn dead wizard for an age. Lord Cleaver, my magic and supposedly ‘intelligent’ sword thinks I should give up, but that shows just how much attention he pays to me – his bloody master!

A few days ago a travelling priest of Taff the Mender told me that he had seen a wagon, pulled by donkey, heading North. I’ve been trailing across country and have finally picked up a trail. I’m about a day cold by my reckoning, but gaining ground on Bluebell.

Still wondering why someone would want to steal a dead wizard and head into dangerous country. Which reminds me, I caught glimpse of a bunch of green-skins up on a bluff this morning. Don’t think they saw me, but no camp fire tonight. I’ll be freezing my plums off! Balls and ashes! Still, I’ll stick Lord Cleaver in the ground to keep watch. He’d rather be with me than an Orc. I think.

Stephan Strongblade

TDOSS 4. Anyone Seen a Corpse?

Zinthaka 11th Morgron – Year of the Stonehammer

Monsters Slain (0) Dungeons Looted (0) Gold Earned (0) Treasure Looted (0) Lord Cleaver (Still a shit)

I’m looking for a corpse? Anyone seen one? This one is dressed in fancy robes and goes under the name of Gazoo the Magnificent. I’ve been tracking the bastards who inched my wagon and dead wizard bounty for days and nothing. Not a squeak. I followed the trail to a bridge, found the wagon, but no body. The Gods!

I got a tip off from a wandering priest this morning. He said he saw a battered cart being pulled by a donkey only hours ago some miles North. Best be off, just stopped for a bite and a piss. Wish me luck.

Does it seem odd that someone has stolen a dead wizard? They must be after the bounty too. Also, does it seem odd that I found the wizard dead on the road? I didn’t really think about it before. I’ll sleep on it.

Stephan Strongblade

SMPOD Thunderspire EPS#1 The Big Bang

New campaign for you. Thunderspire Dungeon Mastered by Dai. Apologies for the knocking sound. We’ve got a new mic which is really sensitive. We will figure it out. In this episode we pick ourselves up after a massive explosion. Boom!

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