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SMPOD Thunderspire EPS#2 Don’t Smash The Roof!

The fight with those nasty dwarves and some flying critters continues and we find a quick way out?

Stinky Monster T Shirts are available to buy and have been designed by Fool of a Took. Orcs will never look at you in the same way ever again.

Hearthstone for Beginners

Hi! I’ve been playing Hearthstone on and off few a few weeks now and it’s probably the most intuitive and generally fun digital CCG out there. It’s made by the monstrous Blizzard Entertainment and is set in the  Warcraft universe. It’s big and clunky, not in a bad way, the cards actually ‘clunk’ , ‘thump’ and indeed ‘wallop’ when they hit the deck. Minions squeal, chuckle and abuse each other. It’s a flippin’ delight. I’ll go into more stuff about getting new cards, tournaments and all of that in another post, but right now if you haven’t seen it already, just watch the video below…